Environmental Policy

Caswell House is committed to minimising our impact on the environment and implements the following strategy to achieve this.



Caswell House:

  • uses environmentally responsible products with an emphasis on renewable energy suppliers, including a wood pellet, biomass boiler, solar panel electricity and air-source heat pump
  • using a reed bed filtration system. At Caswell House all water is taken directly from our own natural water spring
  • encourages responsible procurement and promotes the use of local suppliers wherever possible
  • ensures all renovations are undertaken using sustainable and environmentally responsible materials wherever possible
  • implements a close-down procedure to ensure lights and equipment are switched off when spaces and buildings are not in use
  • uses LED or low energy lighting throughout all spaces
  • continues to monitor energy & water consumption and reduce when possible
  • provides a fully equipped venue; from a fully equipped kitchen and beautiful furniture, to onsite accommodation and licensed ceremony rooms, we ensure every element of an event can be catered for to reduce attendee travel and unnecessary supplier deliveries


Waste Reduction

Caswell House:

  • ensures any waste is recycled where possible including cardboard and glass
  • encourages the use of re-using décor items whenever possible
  • retains and reuses packaging such as bags and boxes
  • minimises the use of single-use items
  • organises the disposal of all event waste to ensure effective waste management and recycling


Supplier Sustainability

Caswell House….

  • promotes environmental best practice to suppliers to encourage a shared responsibility to protecting the environment
  • recommends the use of local suppliers to reduce the effects of travel and CO2 emissions
  • provides locally sourced products where possible
  • reduces use of individually packaged food & drink items where possible


Working Ethically

Caswell House….

  • promotes environmental awareness amongst employees and encourages them to work in an environmentally responsible manner with the commitment to enable them to do so
  • complies with all relevant regulatory requirements and environmental legislation